Exercise and Bone Health


Most people are familiar with many of the benefits of exercise, such as improving muscle strength and endurance, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, and preventing obesity.
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Knee pain

Taking Care of Knee Pain

Knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to their doctor. With today's increasingly active society, the number of knee problems is increasing. Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes and treatments.
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Fast track knee replacement

FTKR a New Alternative to Total Knee Replacement

In an attempt to reduce the post-operative trauma in a knee replacement surgery, a team of doctors headed by Neelam Ramana Reddy, joint replacement surgeon at star hospitals, has performed a fast track knee ...
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New Developments in Joint Replacements

According to the BBC, the University College London has been growing cartilage stem cells. In this technique cells are harvested from the patient, grown in a lab and then transplanted back into the patient after ...
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Successful knee surgery using iPad

For the first time in South India, a unique total knee replacement surgery was successful performed using I- Assist (i-Pad Navigation) at Kamineni Hospitals.
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Joint replacement surgery

5 basic points on joint replacement surgeries

The bigger and a little more painful change with respect to ageing is the pain from wear and tear of muscles, bones and joints. Joints can be damaged by arthritis and other diseases, injuries, or other causes.
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