FTKR a New Alternative to Total Knee Replacement
Fast track knee replacement

FTKR a New Alternative to Total Knee Replacement

In an attempt to reduce the post-operative trauma in a knee replacement surgery, a team of doctors headed by Neelam Ramana Reddy, joint replacement surgeon at star hospitals, has performed a fast track knee replacement (FTKR) surgery, a comprehensive and convenient alternative to the conventional procedure.

According to Dr Reddy, FTKR is an evidence-based procedure with maximum outcome for patients suffering from severe degeneration of the knee joint who require total knee replacement. “it is a minimally invasive surgery that requires 8 to 12 inches leading to significant disruption of the muscles and tendons,” he said, further adding, “it is a giant leap forward in total knee replacement.

Unlike the traditional surgery, FTKR surgery minimizes the post-operative pain, which is a common trait. “Previously, the patient had to spend at least a week in the hospital. But now it will be able to walk within 24 hours,” Dr Reddy informed.

Though the yet-to-be explored procedure has an edge over the standard surgery, Ramana Reddy says it is best suited for people in the age group between 60 and 70. The cost is almost similar to the usual surgery and so far, only 10 such surgeries have been performed at Star Hospitals.