Gender Knee Replacement Surgery



The knee of a woman is not simply a smaller version of a Man’s knee. There are differences involve the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints therefore merely a different size for women doesn’t resolve differences. There is proof that the shape of women’s knees typically fall into different ranges than men’s therefore making these differences significant.

Anterior knee pain in some female patients was a matter of concern and a cause of concern before when women specific knees were not prevalent. With the advent of specific knees designed for female bones the comfort factor was remarkable and their ability and ease to sit & climb increased significantly. This brought out-

  • More natural movement- Women have a distinct shape, which frequently results in a different angle between the hip and the knee when compared to men.
  • The bone in the front of a woman’s knee is typically less prominent than in a man’s. The gender specific knees have a thinner profile to accommodate these anatomical differences between women and men.
  • This contoured shape to more closely match the narrower anatomy of a woman’s knee.